Doctor Name Appointment Date/Time Consultation Day
Dr. Kausik Das Everyday (Monday-Saturday) Friday
Dr. Kaushik B.P.N Everyday (Monday-Saturday) Everyday
Dr. Kalyan Bose 9 A.M Previous Day Wednesday
Dr. Abhijit Chowdhury 9 A.M Previous Day Tuesday & Thursday
Dr. Asokananda Konar 9 A.M Previous Day Saturday
Dr. Jayanta Dasgupta Everyday (Monday-Saturday) Saturday
Dr. G.K.Dhali Everyday (Monday-Saturday) Tuesday
Dr. Tapas Kumar Das Everyday (Monday-Saturday) Everyday

You are requested to take an appointment prior the visit to the hospital, so that you can avoid any delay and disappointment. Appointment to be done through Telephone, Dial 033 2428 0190.Consultation time will be provided during taking the appointment.

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