About the Institute

Liver Foundation, West Bengal is a voluntary, non-profit, non-government organization (NGO) registered under the Societies Act 1961. It was founded on June 30, 2006 by a group of health professionals and social activists.

Indian institute of Liver and Digestive sciences(IILDS), developed by Liver Foundation, West Bengal is a state of art treatment, education and research Institute in gastroenterology and Liver disease in Sonarpur, Kolkata and the land is given by govt of West Bengal on long term lease basis. This Institute envisaged as the apex centre serving people of Eastern India in the relevant discipline and also one of the leading centres in the country- for state of art care, education and cutting edge research in gastrointestinal and liver diseases. This institute is dedicated to the nation by Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Hon’ble President of India (former) in kind presence of Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal Smt Mamata Bannrejee on 18 th May, 2017.

The Hospital is well equipped with state of the art Hepatology and GI services. At present the hospital has both Out Patient Services and Inpatient (100 bed) services. With 12 bedded ICU/ITU and 12 bedded day-care unit and two Operation theatres equipped to carry out all Gastrointestinal and Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgeries including Liver Transplantation.

The Liver Foundation, West Bengal, wishes to address the question of equity and access to health care. Its objective is to develop an institute that provides the best possible care in liver and gastrointestinal diseases, conducts global-standard research in liver diseases and trains health-care personnel in the relevant disciplines - but all at a price that does not inflict pain on the patient. It proposes a revenue model that will be beneficial to the population irrespective of the patient’s economic background. Those who can afford will receive care at a cost that can keep the wheels of the institute running. Such a model of cross subsidisation can work only if the institute is built with funds that come without the "string of return on investment". We wish to assert that we do not accept the idea of "health care as an industry". We hope to involve millions who, believing in our vision, will step forward to donate or make endowments to bring the idea to fruition. No doubt we will have to raise loans from financial institutions. But the less tight this financial noose round our necks, the more elbow room we will have in serving people.