Admission Guidelines

  • Emergency admissions: open 24 hours through hospital emergency. Patients will be admitted under consultant of the day
  • Elective admissions: will be recommended by consultants after out-patient consultation.
  • Documents required for admission:
    • OPD Card/Emergency card
    • Advice of admission duly signed by consultants
    • Duly filled up consent form
    • All previous medical reports, if any
    • If patient is insured, then proper insurance documents

**At least one relative /guardian/attendant of patient should be present at the time of admission of the patient.

**For patients admitted in single private cabins- one family member will be allowed to stay with the patient

Note: This hospital is a specialized hospital mainly intended to cater patient with gastro intestinal and liver ailments and their associated complications. Patients with primary problems associated with other organ systems will not be advised admission in this facility by our consultants. However in the event that such an admission may be required through OPD or emergency, it should be noted that this hospital is not equipped to handle patients requiring advanced care for other organ system disorders (e.g. cath lab facilities for patients with acute coronary syndrome), in which case the patient may be advised to get a transfer to a different medical facility where the relevant care may be provided.